When user finds your app number of your positive app reviews matters. At the very first stage you’ll ask your family members to rate your app. But as per the current scenario presently there are thousands of the apps in the app store. And to stand out in such market segment is very difficult! The only thing is that you’re your app should be very stunning. Don’t get panic.

For your purpose we have collected some of the precise and took to the point tips that make you clear about how to get more positive mobile app reviews.

  1. Integrate the turn-key plugins

It may happen that Users who have installed your app are satisfied to access your app but, they don’t consume a time to go to the app store and give a positive review. If these Users rate your app it would be considered as worth. One of the best ways is that you should ask your developer to contain the app review plug-ins that isavailable in advance for iOS& Android both.

Embedding the plug-ins does not take more time of developer. The only thing is that developer has to find out the best and go ahead with it!In your application you just have to drop that plugin. Once the User has completed the targeted actions or if he has open the app for many a time then one small window will appear that let the user to rate an App.

It just that user click on the Rate Now optionit will take him to the app market store from where users can promptly post their reviews.


  1. Prompt must appear at right time

Review prompts should be displayed at the correct time that works as a reminder to review on the app.  Here correct time means that prompt should be displayed after some actions (user interaction). Because it is the big mistake for the one who put the rate preview pop up message at the initial stage.

  1. Ask the people to honestly rate your app

Once you launch your app on the Google Store you’ll ask your friends or family members to download the app & place the positive reviews. Tell them to honestly give the positive reviews & suggestions if any as a feedback for the next version which may improve the performance of the app.

And if your app is working properly among the competitors, then certainly a number of app installs will increase. This will lead you to gathergenuine reviews from several actual users.

  1. Provide the instant information to reach you

It’s not that all the time that all the users are happy by using your app. For this they may give the negative reviews. To avoid such thing you much include your contact info so that the users can contact you any time when they use the app. And so to instantly solve their queries. In this way you can stop anyone to damage the app reputation.

Wrapped Up

App publisher, mobile app developer &app marketing expert from the Mobile App Development Companyhave to do their work with full dedication. Such devotion& smart work on the apps will encourage users to like your app. Almost recommendations above are the portion of app design & development process. But if anything is quietmisplaced, then it’s never too late to boost the performance &provide your best to valuable users, clients or customers. It’s just that you need to check out the better ways to make the app superlative & gain authentic reviews with 100% user satisfaction.

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Rahim Makhani is the award winner CEO and founder of Auxano Global Services - a web and mobile application development company. He is keenly interested in writing technical blogs pertaining to android and iPhone application development. During his spare time, he loves to dive in the pool and enjoy playing golf with his friends.