Mobile Application Development

6 Game-changing Android app development trends to look in 2017

The world of mobile industry is totally puffed up with dynamic manoeuvre and this is daily reflected in the technological news. Mobile app the primary constituent of mobile devices has increased user-engagement better and more seamless than ever before. Google… Continue Reading →

Important Features to be Included In A Grocery App Development

The noun housewife strikes the mind when it comes to the purchasing of groceries. It’s often said that being a housewife is a thankless job. There’s no real appreciation, no bonuses, no raise, and it’s non-stop from the time your… Continue Reading →

Development of Mobile Strategy in Public Sector

The public sector is usually composed of organizations that are owned and operated by government. It does not include private companies and voluntary organizations. With mobile technology changing rapidly, it is important that government work out a cohesive public sector… Continue Reading →

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid App Development

When you are developing a mobile application, the very first decision you need to make whether the app is a native app, web app or a hybrid app. Each one has its own pros and cons that is decided on… Continue Reading →

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