Android App Development

How Android Apps can Transform the Business Process?

Mobile applications are revolutionizing the way businesses undergo their routine operations. It is also responsible for simplifying the human-to-human interaction thereby increasing the level of mutual engagement among each other. Social media, information sharing, geo-tagging are some of the features… Continue Reading →

Top Right Development Architecture For Your Mobile Application

There are numerous factors responsible behind choosing the perfect development architecture for your next enterprise application development including GUI (Graphical Design Interface), integration and seamless functionality. Here in this article we elaborate, the various mobile application development architecture to choose… Continue Reading →

Integration of Google Android Pay with Mobile Banking Apps

Android Pay – Google’s Digital wallet is integrating with the few banks around the world. It is encouraging to assist a number of users’ benefits this technology by integrating more numbers of banks in the coming year. It has embedded… Continue Reading →

6 Game-changing Android app development trends to look in 2017

The world of mobile industry is totally puffed up with dynamic manoeuvre and this is daily reflected in the technological news. Mobile app the primary constituent of mobile devices has increased user-engagement better and more seamless than ever before. Google… Continue Reading →

Here Arrives the Developer preview of Android O!

And yes here it is! People have started thinking about as what ‘O’ stands for. Are you also have started to guess the same. It may be ‘Oreo’ or may be ‘Orange’ or may be something new. Am I right?… Continue Reading →

Mighty Reasons To Have An App For Your Restaurant

Even being at the exotic meal time, the gazes of people most often remain glued to their mobile devices. This most common act is very much familiar to you if you are in the restaurant industry. So now it’s the… Continue Reading →

Trends Shapping Android App Development in 2016

Android users are continuously increasing year by year. More than 80% of the smartphones in the world operate on android operating system. That is the reason why android app development has received great attention. There are many factors responsible behind… Continue Reading →

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