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Development of the iPhone App with Monetization in Mind

Here we are not talking about the iPhone application development for the businesses, who wants apps for their own reasons to assemble their bespoken needs. We’re targeting those people who want to make some fortunes in the iTunes store with… Continue Reading →

6 Game-changing Android app development trends to look in 2017

The world of mobile industry is totally puffed up with dynamic manoeuvre and this is daily reflected in the technological news. Mobile app the primary constituent of mobile devices has increased user-engagement better and more seamless than ever before. Google… Continue Reading →

Top 4 Recommendations to get more mobile app reviews

When user finds your app number of your positive app reviews matters. At the very first stage you’ll ask your family members to rate your app. But as per the current scenario presently there are thousands of the apps in… Continue Reading →

How does actually the Phone Gap Works?

Introduction An open-source cross-platform Mobile Application development framework – PhoneGap by Nitobi Software (now Adobe) permits web developers to create mobile apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The PhoneGap project has been relocated to Apache Incubator and currently it is… Continue Reading →

Here Arrives the Developer preview of Android O!

And yes here it is! People have started thinking about as what ‘O’ stands for. Are you also have started to guess the same. It may be ‘Oreo’ or may be ‘Orange’ or may be something new. Am I right?… Continue Reading →

With the Magento 2 Extension Integration improveyour Magento Store Sales

Introduction One of the most updated and favoured open source e-commerce platforms– Magento 2 comes with someinteresting features on its Community and Enterprise edition also. E-sellers are able to set up and manage their catalogue, accounts of the customers, and… Continue Reading →

Top 4 Factors to Estimate What It Will Cost To Develop An App

A very common question right!The mainchauffeur of price is the cost of labour. For instance, hiring offshore developers will be exponentially cheaper than hiring domestic developers, and awell-known firm will cost you more than a freelance hire. Since there’s so… Continue Reading →

Things to consider for making the iOS and Android app with Phone gap or Cordova

Introduction The potential of PhoneGap/Cordova development is quite fascinating. In order to develop the Cross platform application for iOS/Android apps use your current HTML/JS/CSS skills (and team), and other mobile platforms. Later you can update your existing codebase once for… Continue Reading →

Want to boost your social media Reach? Check out this Top 3 Magento Extensions

The fame of Magento is nothing new for its users now. For hosting the ecommerce websites, it has spun out to be a highly desired platform. Options for Magento customization services make it all the more exciting and active for its users…. Continue Reading →

5 Great Ideas to reduce the Cost of Building the Websites

Websites projects can be illusory. What seems like a simple webpage with words, graphics and buttons may seem like an effortless project, but companies are often surprised when they hear what it actually costs to make a new website, or to update… Continue Reading →

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