Android Pay – Google’s Digital wallet is integrating with the few banks around the world.

It is encouraging to assist a number of users’ benefits this technology by integrating more numbers of banks in the coming year. It has embedded Android pay feature in their app. It lets users to insert their debit and credit cards to Android Pay and can use the option whenever they need. With this latest built-in capability, it facilitates to convince people to maximize use of Android Pay and make it accessible to everyone.

The integration alters somewhat as the banking app varies for each bank. Instead of this, the main aim is to make the things easier to add the cards to Android App with the use of banking app.  Android Pay facilitates to add a debit card, credit card, gift cards and loyalty and permits you to make shopping in apps, online or stores.


How Actually Android Pay Works With Mobile Banking Apps

  • Once in your bank’s app you add cards, you can utilize the option of Android Pay. It makes feasible to pay at checkout at all the stores that support NFC enable terminals. Also, in order to make shopping or checkout on the mobile, web, as similarly as Apple Pay you can use it in other supported apps. It also offers you a notification immediately after each of your transactions. Google also stated that in your banking app, the Android pay alternative will also work, even if you have not installed the Android Pay apps on your smartphone.
  • It also lets users make choice in using their bank cards that contain, choose the default payment methods, using the bank apps, deactivate cards, etc. It relies on the functionality that is given by your bank app. As an example, Bank of America will not permit deleting a Chase Card from its app.
  • With the new techno-driven facility provided by Google (i.e. from turning the Smartphone to the digital wallet), you don’t require to take your wallet with you for shopping. Android Pay facilitates to add a debit card, credit card, gift cards and loyalty and lets you make shopping in apps, online or stores.

Android Pay – Is It Secure?

It is very safe to use the Android Pay. At any store, if you use this option, it will ask for a virtual account number to use your account information rather than using your actual debit or credit card number. Hence, your card details stay completely safe and secure.


In the world of Android App Development, to ease the complex payment methods in a more secure way Android Pay Integration with mobile banking apps has provided new opportunities. Google has also declared that it also integrates more banks to enable its millions of users to improve the use of mobile payments.

Such ultimate newly added feature helps mobile app developers to earn the benefit of the technology to slot in it in the new app in order to boost its usability and efficiency. It also helps retailers to offer their customers an additional provision with this ease and efficient payment mode.

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