4 effective strategies to get repeat customers for your business

We all are conscious of the fact that without customers it is impossible for any business to sustain in this highly competitive market. Decline in customers means demolition in business. The trustworthy feeling that we bring into your customers, cannot… Continue Reading →

Top 4 Recommendations to get more mobile app reviews

When user finds your app number of your positive app reviews matters. At the very first stage you’ll ask your family members to rate your app. But as per the current scenario presently there are thousands of the apps in… Continue Reading →

Top 4 Factors to Estimate What It Will Cost To Develop An App

A very common question right!The mainchauffeur of price is the cost of labour. For instance, hiring offshore developers will be exponentially cheaper than hiring domestic developers, and awell-known firm will cost you more than a freelance hire. Since there’s so… Continue Reading →

Things to consider for making the iOS and Android app with Phone gap or Cordova

Introduction The potential of PhoneGap/Cordova development is quite fascinating. In order to develop the Cross platform application for iOS/Android apps use your current HTML/JS/CSS skills (and team), and other mobile platforms. Later you can update your existing codebase once for… Continue Reading →

5 Important Facts to Consider before You Hire iOS App Developer

Today, hand-held gadgets and devices have to a great extent trapped the consideration of the imminent customers. Consumers on their smart phones use about 2-3 hours of combined time. All things considered, to stay steadfast in the group, your business… Continue Reading →

How to develop a game like Pokemon Go?

Recently, a game named Pokemon Go has just added billions of dollars to Nintendo’s revenue. Pokemon Go is a real game changer for augmented reality. Since the few days of the launch of this game it has crossed over 22… Continue Reading →

Everything That You Need to Know Related to iPhone Application Development

In mobile industry the word Apple stands for sophistication. The global market is continuously swamped with upcoming technologies. Around half a million apple iphones are sold in a day. Compared to that, with more paces, the iPhone applications are developed… Continue Reading →

Development of Mobile Strategy in Public Sector

The public sector is usually composed of organizations that are owned and operated by government. It does not include private companies and voluntary organizations. With mobile technology changing rapidly, it is important that government work out a cohesive public sector… Continue Reading →

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid App Development

When you are developing a mobile application, the very first decision you need to make whether the app is a native app, web app or a hybrid app. Each one has its own pros and cons that is decided on… Continue Reading →

Astonishing features of iOS 9 that you are unfamiliar with

You might have purchased your iPhone for its remarkable camera or for its high display resolution. But there is still something in your iPhone, which will make you go crazy after knowing it. The apple iOS is rapidly upgrading and… Continue Reading →

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