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7 IoT Technologies Revolutionizing the Business Processes

The Internet of things is a large network of interconnected devices which includes non-living physical objects and living-beings – humans and animals with a unique identification number to facilitates data transfer without any human interaction. Nowadays, it is one of… Continue Reading →

Factors to Consider Before Developing Geo-Location Based Application

Introduction An idea about mobile app makes simpler to arrive at a place not the same but human being that you are looking for can found without any trouble. The location-based mobile app aids you to find nearby location of… Continue Reading →

When Virtual Reality meets Education (VR in Education Industry)

Impact Of Virtual Reality On Education Industry Today we’re adequately settled in to the digital age, we’ve got educators on board with technology in the learning setting, but there’s a new frontier. It’s actually the explosion that will shake the… Continue Reading →

How Android Apps can Transform the Business Process?

Mobile applications are revolutionizing the way businesses undergo their routine operations. It is also responsible for simplifying the human-to-human interaction thereby increasing the level of mutual engagement among each other. Social media, information sharing, geo-tagging are some of the features… Continue Reading →

Stop Losing Your Customers By Reserving The Future of An iPhone App

The boom of the mobile app kicked off when Apple launched its app store in July 2008. At that time it was easy to develop and launch the app and along with that attract the Users but as the days… Continue Reading →

Top Right Development Architecture For Your Mobile Application

There are numerous factors responsible behind choosing the perfect development architecture for your next enterprise application development including GUI (Graphical Design Interface), integration and seamless functionality. Here in this article we elaborate, the various mobile application development architecture to choose… Continue Reading →

All you need to know about ‘Judy malware’- devastated 40 million android devices

It seems fortune is not in the favour of cyber security in the current year 2017. After the devastating effect of WannaCry on more than 1 million computers, a new malware has breached millions of android phones worldwide. As per… Continue Reading →

Massive Ransomware is Not Over – How to Keep Your PC Safe?

What actually a Ransomware is? Ransomware is malicious software that facilitates the hacker to block the private and confidential data of the user which in turn demands a certain amount of payment in order to lift up the applied restriction…. Continue Reading →

Integration of Google Android Pay with Mobile Banking Apps

Android Pay – Google’s Digital wallet is integrating with the few banks around the world. It is encouraging to assist a number of users’ benefits this technology by integrating more numbers of banks in the coming year. It has embedded… Continue Reading →

4 effective strategies to get repeat customers for your business

We all are conscious of the fact that without customers it is impossible for any business to sustain in this highly competitive market. Decline in customers means demolition in business. The trustworthy feeling that we bring into your customers, cannot… Continue Reading →

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