February 2017

5 Great Ideas to reduce the Cost of Building the Websites

Websites projects can be illusory. What seems like a simple webpage with words, graphics and buttons may seem like an effortless project, but companies are often surprised when they hear what it actually costs to make a new website, or to update… Continue Reading →

Want to gather the requirements from a non-technical client! But HOW?!

If you talk about any industry effective communication with a client is completely critical. Especially, in IT industry, it is very decisive at all levels whether it is the starting phase of requirements gathering, software development process, change requests, testing, UAT… Continue Reading →

Mobile App Development & Agile Methodology go hand-in-hand!

Unlike desktop applications, mobile apps confronts with the challenge of getting downloaded, used and discarded at a speed of light forcing mobile app development companies to look for the ways to create functional and relevant apps in minimum of time…. Continue Reading →

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring the Professional Web Designers

Introduction The look ‘n’ feel of your Website can either make you or break you. Today the designs of the websites are nothing like those from 5 years ago. Such websites can serve as a both a tool to make… Continue Reading →

Internet of Things

The next generation of the internet after file sharing, e-commerce, and social media is connecting things and devices: The Internet of Things (IoT). Connected devices narrate new insight, business models, and income flows. The insights achieved from this data in… Continue Reading →

Magento v/s WordPress Comparing two Top Content Management Systems

In this article, we’ll see two platforms on the more difficult end of the Content Management Systems field: WordPress and Magento E-commerce Solutions.  Both of these systems are open source and need a bit more heavy lifting than quick setups… Continue Reading →

Volusion is a friend to Small Business

For many small business owners, making the jump to having an online store is an immense resolution, quickly followed by having to prefer which eCommerce platform to use for your company. Volusion tenders an award-winning shopping cart that controls the… Continue Reading →

5 Important Facts to Consider before You Hire iOS App Developer

Today, hand-held gadgets and devices have to a great extent trapped the consideration of the imminent customers. Consumers on their smart phones use about 2-3 hours of combined time. All things considered, to stay steadfast in the group, your business… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Mobility leads to Revolution in Manufacturing Sectors

Presently, CEOs have started to make the strategies keeping in front the mobile technologies. Designing mobility into new production strategies, processes and procedures is fetching greater accuracy & speed to production centres. Enhancing existing processes with mobility is delivering concrete… Continue Reading →

Best 5 WordPress Security Tips

WordPress– most used content management system has a goal highlighted on its back.  Across the web it influences over 25% of all sites. And you know the software which is used more becomes a point of vulnerability! One of the… Continue Reading →

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