Why Developers Have Switched to Kotlin Programming Language For Building Android Apps ?

The Question here is not to abuse the Programming Language you are using for your livelihood. If you have hardcore work experience on Java then you might be aware with the defects in it, which has been absolutely addressed by… Continue Reading →

What Forces Users to Uninstall Your Application Within No Time?

The storehouse for Android and iPhone Mobile Applications i.e Google Playstore and Apple App Store respectively is flooded with millions of apps across all categories. Amid this huge collection, the probability of getting your app noticed is minimal unless it’s… Continue Reading →

7 Considerations to Keep in Mind While Outsourcing Mobile Application Development

If you’re planning to develop a mobile application for your business then outsourcing app development is one of the prominent approach. There are tons of benefits obtained including time perseverance to put all your energy in marketing of the app…. Continue Reading →

7 Tips for Connecting With Customers thorough Online Internet Marketing

In this digital era, it is almost impossible for any business to remain progressive in the market without having an online presence on internet. Nowadays, customers prefer to visit even the website of a brick-and-mortar store before stepping in for… Continue Reading →

7 Challenges that Every iOS Developer Struggles to Counteract the Latest Trends

New version of iOS mobile operating system, comes with a lot of technical amendments aimed to enhance the user experience. This amendments pose many development related challenges to iOS developers around the globe. The introduction of 3500 API from Apple… Continue Reading →

Exploring Everything About Pandora and Its Features

Pandora is one of the most popular internet based radio music streaming services which is powered by music genome project. It is also well-known as pandora radio or pandora internet radio. It is beyond a radio station and basically it… Continue Reading →

A Step-by-Step Guide to Android Mobile App Testing Procedure

The fierce development in mobile technology has altogether altered the way people utilize their cell phone in this digital world. The demand for consumer based app is surging and the same is true for enterprise based application, wherein boost in… Continue Reading →

7 IoT Technologies Revolutionizing the Business Processes

The Internet of things is a large network of interconnected devices which includes non-living physical objects and living-beings – humans and animals with a unique identification number to facilitates data transfer without any human interaction. Nowadays, it is one of… Continue Reading →

Factors to Consider Before Developing Geo-Location Based Application

Introduction An idea about mobile app makes simpler to arrive at a place not the same but human being that you are looking for can found without any trouble. The location-based mobile app aids you to find nearby location of… Continue Reading →

When Virtual Reality meets Education (VR in Education Industry)

Impact Of Virtual Reality On Education Industry Today we’re adequately settled in to the digital age, we’ve got educators on board with technology in the learning setting, but there’s a new frontier. It’s actually the explosion that will shake the… Continue Reading →

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